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My GTR is finally done! Haha, first its summer of 2012 as white car and tiffany blue rims. Now its a Mint green with white rims!

I’m kinda displeased with this :|
I mean I know it’s not my car, but I would’ve atleast try to keep as much tire contact I the rear. :/ oh wellz, end if the day o don’t have an r32 :(

Poor R32. POOR-FUCKING-R32! A badass car, and THIS is done to it? AND ON VARRSTOENS? godfuckingdammit.

luckily he didn’t build it to please you guys. we may not like the style, but in the end, it’s HIS car and he can do what he wants with it. :)

Aka ruin it

that color combo is fire tho

The fact that its an R32 makes it an even bigger fail.

Not gonna lie, a lot of people may hate the style of this car, but the fact that it’s an r32, done like this, i think it’s rather dope and different. A lot of people may use an r32 for track, but if you’re not gonna track it, why build it track wise? He probably uses it to daily and goes to shows, so he can just build it for daily and show. I would’ve done the exact same thing just with a bit less camber and go like half an inch lower. But thats just me, everyone has different tastes and i like this. 

If it was a GTS-T people wouldn’t care as much, but this is a GT-R and this actually bad for the car. I’m not joking.

‘I wanted a really fast car… So I bought a GT-R!’


This is what I hate and love about the car community.

8/10 say how much they hate what someone did to their car, and then there is that 20% that has to explain for the millionth time that it doesn’t fucking matter it’s his or her car, let them do what they want. As long as they aren’t doing something stupid enough to endanger them or others on the road, let it be.

I like this car. The camber in the rear may be a bit overkill and not my style, but it’s cool.

lets try one more time

>fake rims that directly hurts original companies, that will eventually lead into quality companies doing less and less original designs

i don’t even know how people think people think they can defend this abomination.

just look at this shit.

it’s a god damn hypebeast’s wet dream.

tacky color, knockoff wheels, backwards camber, wink mirror, “drift charm”, unused roof rack, and it’s a damn gtr.

if you’re trying that hard to knock out all the “hellaflush” trends then you clearly care and are “building your car” for the internet.

this is some truth

Does my opinion matter? No, I’d be absurd to think so but you nailed it with “a hypebeast wet dream.”

calm your farm kids. GTR’s are not some fabled fucking mystical creature things.

Theres thousands of them out there, atleast he’s not sticking chromies on it like the kids down the road from me. Fuck i’ve seen Silvias and fracking base model E36’s sell for more than an R32 GTR.

If you dont like it, don’t bash it unless its your car. 
This GTR is just as cool as a track ready GTR 

This is not some GTR sprayed green and with a set of crappy chromies on it, the build has obviously been carefully planned and built to a high quality. 

Everyone has their own taste, 
But i dont see everyone bashing on how bad and distasteful your face looks. 

Give some respect this guy and this awesome GTR.

Reading this gave me a good chuckle haha. It’s a love/hate thing about  this car. I actually own 3 GTR’s and this one is specifically directed at being the “Cali” style look of slammed with camber, yes I know it ruins the AWD. Varrstoens for the reason that as the camber wears the tires, the rim scrapes the quarter panel, would you scrape $4000 TE37s? The other two are for the obvious reason for being the beast that it is. So I am just a person who enjoys both the slammed society as well as the guys at the track. So I decided to build each one differently!

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